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আর নয় বৃদ্ধাশ্রম, প্রিয়জনের সেবা হোক নিজ বাসায়। আপনার কর্ম ব্যস্ত সময়ে বাসায় থাকা বৃদ্ধ, অসুস্থ ও ছোট সোনামণিকে দেখাশোনা বা সেবা করার মতো কেউ নেই? সদা সর্বদা আমরা আছি আপনার পাসে। আপনার একটি ফোন কলেই পৌঁছে যাবে “স্বজন সেবার” অভিজ্ঞ ও দক্ষ স্বাস্থ্য সেবক/ সেবিকা কিংবা ন্যানীরা। পাশাপাশি জরুরি অ্যাম্বুলেন্স ও অক্সিজেন সেবা রাত দিন ২৪ ঘণ্টা!

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Nursing Care Service At Home

Quality nursing care at home. Compassionate and professional caregivers. Your loved ones in safe hands.

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Physiotherapy Home Service

Do you want a professional physiotherapist to come to your house Don't worry, we provide quality physiotherapists.

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Baby Care Service At Home

Expert baby care at home. Happy babies, happy parents. Trust us with your little one's well-being. #BabyCareAtHome

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Emergency Ambulance

Looking for an ambulance service in Dhaka in an emergency head to our list and call on hotline number to get the fastest ambulance service near you at reasonable price.

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Care Giver Home Service

Having someone who comes to your home to help with personal care needs can help maintain independence.

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Emergency Oxygen Support

We specialize in the medical oxygen cylinder support in Dhaka, Bangladesh. For over 07 years, our company has been a trusted supplier of oxygen cylinder in BD

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Dr. & Nurse Home Visit

Quality care in your home. Stay healthy and comfortable with our professional healthcare services

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Medical equipment Supply

Reliable medical equipment supplier offering top-quality products for better patient care. we provide home delivery in short time in Dhaka Bangladesh.

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Dedicated Team of Nursing

Compassionate Caregivers Healing Hands. Our dedicated nursing team is here to provide exceptional care and support in Dhaka Bangladesh. Nurses and caregiver use teamwork skills daily, from collaborating with other nurses to supporting doctors and in developing patient care plans. Being able to work as a team is essential for reducing medical errors, improving patient care, and establishing a more efficient workflow. If you’re a nurse, concentrating on improving teamwork can help you become a more focused and dedicated medical professional. In this article, we explain the importance of teamwork in nursing and show you how to improve teamwork as a nurse.

Mohammad Al Amin

CEO and Founder

Empowering lives through compassionate services. CEO and Founder driving positive change with purpose.

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Customer Management

Customer Management data from a business’s interactions with consumers entails managing.

Taniya Boirage

Diploma Nany Specialist

Our nannies are very experienced. She has been working for 8 years with great reputation.

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Senior Marketing Officer

The role has a focus the marketing plans in line with brand, acquisition and retention objectives.

Are you a Nurse? Join with us

Not a Nurse, but I can assist with healthcare info and more. Let’s work together for better answers! 🏥🤝

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Why Choose Our Nursing Services

Choose our nursing services for unparalleled care and compassion.

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Choose our nursing services for your patient

Experience the finest nursing care services with our compassionate team of experts. Your well-being is our priority; trust us for exceptional medical support and personalized attention.

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Baby Care Services

Experience the best baby care services with us. Our expert team provides nurturing care, ensuring your little one's safety, happiness, and healthy development. Trust in our loving hands.

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Elder Care Services

Experience the best elder care services with our compassionate team. We provide personalized support, ensuring comfort, safety, and happiness for your loved ones. Trust in our expertise and commitment.

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Exceptional care, compassionate staff, highly recommended! Clients’ satisfaction speaks volumes about their outstanding services.

Shojon Sheba has been a lifesaver! Their prompt response and quality services are commendable
Minha khatun
Impressed by the professionalism of Shojon Sheba's team, they made a challenging situation manageable.
Junayad Hossain
Choosing Shojon Sheba was the best decision! Their care and dedication surpassed all expectations.
Ahmed Imran

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